Wine Tasting Basics

Are you often intrigued but confused by the descriptions of wine tasters casting their judgement over a wine? Ever wonder what the notes, bouquets or tones have to do with taste and quality?

Below we have cultivated a list of online resource videos that will help you learn the basics of wine tasting and how to get the most out of your next trip to the wine growing regions of Australia.

Wine Tasting Basics

Taste and Evaluating Wines

Understanding the basics of wine tasting

Wine Tasting Basics

How to Read a Wine Label

Understanding the basic principles of wine taste

More Videos to Educate yourself with offsite:

Beginners Guide to Decanting Wine (Winefolly)

The Basics of Wine Tasting and Food & Wine Pairings (Vimeo)

Australia Day Tasting, London – January 2014 (Vimeo)

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