Wine and Outdoor Living


Wine is seldom better than when enjoyed in the beautiful outdoors.Young-women-drinking-wine-001

The warmth of the late summer sun, the cloudless sky, a location setĀ amongst nature and the elements; perfect.

So what makes for a great experience enjoying wine outdoors?

1. Location

Key to a great time with a glass of wine outdoors is the location. A grassy hill, a quiet vineyard, a country creek – all provide the perfect backdrop for a beautiful time out.

2. Drinking Glasses

Selecting the right glasses can really add to your outdoors wine drinking experience. Something light and even shatterproof will put your mind at ease to enjoy the moment

3. Setting

A great setting can make an average location great. For example, an outdoor pergola in your backyard beautifully finished can create a warm and inviting outdoor space. Check out theseĀ wooden Melbourne pergolas

4. Weather

Battling the elements is not going to help your enjoyment of the outdoors. Check the weather before you or at least make sure your prepared for the worst!

5. WINE!

What wine should I drink outside? Any wine is good to drink outside! Go, drink and be merry!

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